Book Review: ICB Blessed Garden Bible

ICB Blessed Garden Bible

Published June 27, 2017 by Thomas Nelson

Genres Nonfiction, Christian

Pages 1,312


The International Children’s Bible® translation, the Bible kids can read and understand, has been a favorite of kids, parents, and teachers. With its easy-to-read text, the ICB has a third-grade reading level, making it the ideal translation for children beginning to read and learn Bible. The ICB Blessed Garden Bible is a full-text ICB Bible with swirling, floral details, foil, glitter, and winsome illustrations. This will appeal to both moms and daughters, as it capitalizes on an organic garden trend. Inside features 24 colorful pages of study help inserts, including a presentation page for personalizing. Young girls will enjoy this softer more sophisticated look as she reads God’s message of love just for her!

The cover of this Bible is really pretty and I really liked the set-up inside. This Bible is marketed to children ages 6-10 and I would also say that girls will probably like this edition because of the cover. It is a full text Bible and also has a great deal of resources that will be great for anyone reading this. There is a map in the back and in the front of the Bible there is a Bible Time Line. Throughout this Bible, there are some sections with some common questions children might ask such as, “Why Should I Read The Bible?”, “How Do I Pray?” and “How Do I Forgive?” There are also some sections where the reader can write in their favorite Bible verses, a list of “The Miracles of Jesus” and a list of The Disciples. I think this would be a great first Bible for someone in the targeted age range. In addition to the full text Bible, all the added sections are a good resource for someone that age who is starting to ask Bible related questions. Overall, a great edition of the International Children’s Bible.

Thank you to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for sending me a review copy of this Bible.


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