Book Review: Precious Moments Little Book of Bible Stories by Jean Fischer

Precious Moments Little Book of Bible Stories by Jean Fischer

Published August 1, 2017 by Thomas Nelson

Genres Children’s, Christian

Pages 32


Share beloved Bible stories with your little one! Imagine the animals entering Noah’s boat two by two, David standing before Goliath with just a slingshot, or Jesus blessing the children. These Bible stories will capture young hearts as they learn about God’s great love. With classic Precious Moments® illustrations, simple Bible verses, favorite Bible stories, and fun rhymes, Little Book of Bible Stories will help introduce the power of God’s Word to your precious children.

This is a very cute board book filled with Bible stories and the illustrations are in the Precious Moments tradition. This book includes stories such as The Beginning, God’s Big Flood, Baby in a Basket and David and the Lion’s Den, as well as many more. Each story has the short scripture that goes along with the story and the illustrations, as well as a short one sentence prayer relating to the topic. The book is marketed towards children ages 4-8, which I think is the perfect age range. This book would be great for use in a personal setting, as well as in a Children in Worship or Sunday School setting. The scripture and stories are short enough that children in this age range wouldn’t get distracted and the illustrations that go with each story are great. Thank you to the publisher, Thomas Nelson, for sending me a review copy of this book.


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