Book Review: My Great Big God by Andy Holmes

My Great Big God: 20 Bible Stories to Build a Great Big Faith by Andy Holmes, Illustrations by Marta Alvarez Miguens

Published July 11, 2017 by Thomas Nelson

Genres Children’s, Christian

Pages 40


My great big God takes care of me! My great big God loves me! Find out just how great and big God really is in this adorable Bible storybook for little ones. Bestselling author Andy Holmes takes children on a special journey through 20 of the most loved and known stories in the Bible that illustrate the character of God. Each story is told in adorable rhymes and ends with a fresh takeaway that even the youngest child will understand: My great big God is good! My great big God is powerful! Parents and children alike will love to read these stories together and learn about how wonderful our God is. With bright, eye-catching illustrations by Marta Alvarez Miguens and thick pages perfect for little hands to hold, My Great Big God will be a family favorite for years to come.


My Great Big God is a board book targeted towards children preschool age and up and contains 20 well known Bible stories. The book includes important Bible stories such as the creation story, Noah and the Ark, the Ten Commandments, Jonah and the whale, the birth of Jesus, etc.  Each story includes the scripture that the story is referring to and the story itself written in a way that children would better understand. The illustrations are vibrant, bright and exciting, sure to keep a child’s attention while reading this book. The illustrations for the creation story, Noah and the ark and the birth of Jesus are my favorite illustrations. This is a great book for both personal use and also in a Children in Worship or Sunday School setting. The book contains some of the most important Bible stories that will help children begin to understand the Bible and some of it’s most important messages.

Thank you to the publisher for sending my an ARC.


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