Meeting My New Midwife

In my last blog post I wrote about testing my LH and ovulation at home prior to meeting with my new midwife (You can read that post here.) I had previously been seeing an OB/GYN because of all the problems and surgeries I have had, but decided to switch to a midwife & another practice after my doctor was pressuring my husband and I about having children. I asked my mama friends for recommendations and ended up choosing the midwife that my younger sister used for her first child. My sister highly recommended her and I can see why. She spent so much more time actually talking to me and answering my questions then any of my previous doctors did.

My husband came with me to two separate appointments; the first was at the end of April and was a pre-conception appointment and the second, several weeks later in May was for my annual exam. During the pre-conception appointment we discussed the medication I am on, my history of cervical surgeries and I asked some general questions in regards to pregnancy. My new office has an OB/GYN that is also a Psychiatrist, that they use for consultations, which is amazing. I currently take a very small dose of my anti-anxiety medication and we decided I would continue to very slowly decrease the amount I take daily and then only take it as needed during pregnancy. We did some blood work, which was all normal, but my midwife recommended starting both a pre-natal vitamin and an iron supplement 6 months before pregnancy. My iron is normal but because I had anemia when I was younger and I am a lacto-vegetarian (I eat some dairy, mainly cheese & sour cream, but do not eat eggs, fish or meat.) After reading the ingredients of the prescription pre-natal vitamin that she prescribed (It contains fish oil, preservatives and several dyes) I chose to stay on my current multivitamin (which fulfills all of the requirements for a good pre-natal except the iron) and add a separate iron supplement. We talked about when to call after finding out I am pregnant and how the appointments will go from there.

My second appointment was my annual exam and PAP smear, which is the appointment I worry about every year because of my history of cervical cancer. I have yet to write a blog post about it but I have Stage 0 cervical cancer in 2006 and again in 2012. Both times it was successfully removed via surgery and required no further treatment. Stage 0 cervical cancer means that there are cancer cells present in/on the cervix, but they have not spread to surrounding areas and have not yet formed a visual tumor. Thankfully, my PAP smear once again came back normal, which now makes is 5 years since my last cervical surgery. During the exam, she looked at my cervix and said that everything looked fairly normal. I was worried about having an incomplete cervix, but she assured me from a strictly visual point of view, that everything looked normal. The type of surgery I had sometimes leaves women with an incomplete cervix, but no scar tissue. After I get pregnant, we will do an ultrasound between 12-16 weeks to check and measure my cervix to make sure it hasn’t shortened at all. Hopefully everything will be fine and I won’t require cervical cerclage. The appointment certainly eased some of my worries about pregnancy and answered a lot of the questions I had. Although I keep thinking of new questions, which I write down in a notebook for when I actually become pregnant.

Currently, we are still house hunting. The market in our area is ridiculous, houses are only on the market for 1-2 days before selling. My sister and her husband listed their house and sold it the same day for more then the asking price. For now, we are just kind of looking with an aim to buy a house by the end of the summer. It gets frustrating and we thought about renting for another year but I would really like to be settled into a home where we can live for the next 5-10 years before I become pregnant. So assuming we can find a house by September-ish, we are hoping to start trying a few months after that. In the mean time, I am focusing on getting my body into the best shape possible, reading a lot of natural pregnancy/childbirth books, as well as watching documentaries about natural childbirth and making sure all of my mineral and vitamin levels are also at their optimum levels!



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