The Way of Letting Go by Wilma Derksen

The Way of Letting Go by Wilma Derksen

Published February 21, 2017 by Zondervan

Genres Nonfiction, Self Help

Pages 224

Amazon / Goodreads

Maybe it was the sting of remarks from a relative or friend. Maybe a miscarriage ended your hopes for a family. For all of your heartbreaks, maybe you wished there was someone to help you through. For Wilma Derksen, letting go of the 15 misconceptions about grief led her back to hope. In this book she tells how you can do the same. Wilma’s world collapsed when her teenage daughter, Candace, was taken hostage and murdered. Wilma now shares her choices to “let go” of heartbreak, which gave her the courage to navigate through the dark waters of sorrow. Like Wilma, maybe your heartbreak forced you to retreat from happy expectations, of believing that life is fair, of finding closure for every circumstance. She encourages patiently: let go of the happy ending, let go of perfect justice, let go of fear, and let go of closure. Wilma’s wisdom will help you overcome your broken heart, and her advice will enable you to break free of pain to live a life of true joy.

I really enjoyed this book and I think that the concept of forgiveness is something that everyone can very much benefit from reading more about and practicing more often in their lives. The book is broken down into 23 different chapters that focus on specific topics involved with “letting go” and forgiveness. Topics such as; Letting Go of the Grief, Letting Go of the Old Me, Letting Go of Guilt and Blame, Letting Go of My Need to Know and. Letting Go of my Rage. Each chapter starts with a quote that relates to the topics at hand, then the author takes us through a personal experience that relates to the topics and ends with a statement about letting go. I liked that that the author took a different approach when discussing forgiveness.

I have read other books about forgiveness, but as I stated, I liked that the author wrote this book in a different way. Letting go is a great phrase and way of explaining forgiveness. The author explains throughout the book that unless we actually let go of the harm or pain that was caused by to us, through words, actions or wrongdoing, we cannot heal and move on. The author also talks about how we need to stop resisting letting go of these things. Often, people say they forgive someone, but inside they are still holding on to the pain or damage that was caused to them and until they can completely let go of that, they aren’t going to be able to truly heal from whatever wrongdoing occurred, learn to love that person again (if they want to) or grow and move on with their lives. I really enjoyed both the concept of the book and the author’s writing and recommend this book! Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy of this book.


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