Coloring Your Hair With All Natural Henna/Indigo Dye

I have successful switched every single one of our cosmetic and beauty items to all natural chemical free items or organic items over the last year. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items; shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner, sea salt spray, hairspray, face scrub, face wash, face masks, acne products, body wash, lotion, face lotion, makeup, nail polish, nail polish remover, feminine products, etc.

The only thing I had yet to replace was coloring my hair. Although for years I had my hair colored in a salon, I have been coloring it at home for years, for several reasons. Although it is said to be more damaging to hair because it develops faster (I think all chemical processes/color are damaging to hair), it is so much cheaper. Like 1/10 of the cost cheaper. Plus, I color my hair brown, so it’s nothing too complicated. My husband has been voicing his opinion about me coloring my hair for several years because of all the chemicals and the possible side effects of those chemicals. So I have been researching herbal and henna dyes for quite a while but just couldn’t find one I liked. A lot of the herbal hair color that you do at home, still has EDTA in it, so that seemed a bit pointless. If I was going to go natural, I wanted it to be completely natural. I had heard good things about henna, since it’s also used as a conditioning treatment, it’s actually really good for hair and is 100% natural. However, I couldn’t find a henna dye that didn’t really lean towards either red or black.

Then while searching on Pinterest, I found Henna Color Lab and found that they offered different colors of henna based dyes because they mixed henna and indigo (also a plant) together in order to make different colors. I read many reviews and everyone seemed to rave about the hair color and their experience with it. I ordered the Medium Brown as I had read that sometimes henna dye ends up a bit darker, so I figured this would be perfect. It cost $9.98 plus $3.00 shipping and included the dye packet, instructions, gloves and a plastic cap. They have a variety of colors including light brown, medium brown, copper brown, dark brown and black, as well as mahogany, wine and ginger blond. They also have pure henna, which is pretty much orange and pure indigo which is blue. Quick note, henna does not lighten hair, so if you decide to go the natural route keep that in mind.

So, for some reason, I completely forgot to take any before or after pictures or any pictures during the process. Fail, I know. Anyway, first let me say I absolutely loved it! The dye worked great and is about the same color that I was using before. And my hair actually does feel softer and healthier today after coloring it yesterday. So the process was pretty simple. After the package arrived, I did a spot test on my skin and on my hair 48 hours prior to using it. I probably could have only used 1/2 the package of henna (my hair is fine, wavy and shoulder length) but I didn’t know so I figured I would just use the whole package. I emptied the dry powder into a plastic bowl and slowly mixed in hot tap water until the henna was completely mixed and separated my hair into 4 sections. I should also mention that you apply henna dye to damp hair, after shampooing, but without conditioning it.

Unlike chemical dye, henna is very thick, like mud and this actually made it easier for my to apply. I simply used a gloved hand to apply the dye. I went slowly and made sure that everything was completely covered, which took about 15 minutes and then covered it with the plastic shower cap that was included. The directions say to wait 1-2 hours, that the color peaks after 1 hour but can continue to develop for 2 hours, so I waited 1.5 hours. Washing it out was slightly more difficult because of how thick it is. Like the directions say, it helps to add conditioner to rinse it all out. I think it probably took a good 10 minutes to rinse all of the henna out. The direction then say to blow dry for 15 minutes to help the color, but as I am not big on using heat on my hair, I only dried it for about 10 minutes.

Overall, the process was just as easy, if not easier then using a boxed chemical dye at home. There is not chemical smell and the henna dye smells like an herbal tea blend. There was no itching or burning of my scalp, as there has always been with chemical dyes, whether in a salon or at home. The henna dye only has 5 ingredients; natural indigo, natural henna, alma gooseberry, false daisy petals and neem leaf. I absolutely loved it and am so happy to find a natural dye that not only doesn’t have PPD in it, but also doesn’t have a single chemical. My hair grows pretty quickly, although it also breaks off pretty quickly, so I now am so happy that I can really color it as often as I want without any damage. I am hoping that now, with suing all natural hair colors, shampoo/conditioner, styling products and very rarely using heat, that it will stop breaking. I was a bit nervous about using this dye as my hair is fairly damaged and I just colored it like 5 weeks ago, but I was pretty confident after reading the reviews about this product.

I really cannot rave about this enough and I am so very happy that I now finally got the last product with harmful chemicals out of my beauty routine. This is the first time I have used a henna dye but I really loved the one I got and highly recommend the company. The prices are low, the shipping was quick and they have tons of other products and information on their website!




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