Why We March: Why I’m Still Confused

I seem to have a very unpopular opinion lately and the individuals who do agree with me are not speaking up, which of course is their right. So this weekend, there was a lot of attention on the Women’s March in Washington D.C. as well as the “sister” marches in various cities such as Chicago, L.A., New York, Boston, Paris, etc. The hashtag #whywemarch or #whyimarch was widely used across many social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) that mostly seemed to link to pictures or messages slamming our President or protesting rights that we as women already have. If you follow my blog or even just read my about section, you will know that I am a Christian and I am a Republican. I am a Republican because my beliefs and morals match up with the beliefs of this particular party. My political beliefs are a reflection of my religious beliefs and since we would never criticize another person’s religious beliefs, I not only respect other people’s political beliefs, but I expect the same treatment in return.

I know that right now some people are scared about how the next 4 years are going to go with Donald Trump as our President. And I am also a bit concerned, as I am when any new President takes office, especially one who doesn’t have a background in politics. But here is what most on the left forget; we were very scared when Obama came into office, yet we didn’t riot, we did not protest and we certainly didn’t burn cars and break the windows of businesses. And if we had, we would have been labeled racist. I personally did not like Obama and I think he did a lot of damage to our country while he was in office. The left adores him and he did spend a large amount of time making Buzzfeed videos and appearing in celebrity documentaries and on talk shows. He did a very good job at making himself look like a friendly, silly, down to earth kind of guy, which in turn made people love him. But he didn’t do a very good job at actually being our President. I am also all for the freedom of speech, but this weekend was kind of confusing to me. This was a women’s march for women’s rights, yet really, it was a protest against of new President. I found that there seemed to be 2 groups of people who attended these marches; one group who wore t-shirts that said things about love and kindness and unity, while carrying signs that said about the same and the other group were women who wore vaginas as hats and carried very vulgar signs. If you want someone to treat you with respect, why would you behave like this? It really, truly confuses me. Here is a sampling of some of the “best signs” from the Women’s March. Warning, they are quite vulgar:



First, I really wish women would have just said, “This is a protest against Donald Trump.” The Women’s March was organized the day after Donald Trump was elected our President. Because it clearly was for about half the women in attendance. Second, how dare you bring your children to an event where they see the word “Pussy” and “Fuck you orange Hitler” on signs, not to mention letting them listen to people like Madonna shouting, “Fuck You.”  What kind of parent does that make you? What are you really teaching your daughters by letting them witness women who have decided to wear vaginas as hats? Please explain to me how this is possibly a good experience for any child or a teenager to witness? I know that many of the women who attended were truly there to show love and unity to each other, but the other half were not. For a group that preaches about love, unity and respect, it amazes me that they think it is acceptable to march around yelling “Fuck You” and carrying signs like the ones above. Do you really expect that after wearing a vagina on your head people are going to take you seriously?

Here’s the other thing I don’t understand about this march, what rights are you claiming that you don’t have? Because when I look at all of the countries and women around the world, I consider myself extremely lucky to be living in the United States. I have personally never felt that I didn’t have the same rights as men. I have felt like occasionally I wasn’t taken seriously by male doctors, but instead of crying about it and making signs, I found a solution; I took my husband with me until I switched over to all female doctors. And yes, of course, women shouldn’t have to do this, but to me it just really isn’t that big of a deal. There was a simple solution to the problem. Women in the United States have the right to vote, to work, to drive, to abort their unborn babies, to basically do everything and anything they want. So please tell me what rights you are missing? Abortion is still legal. Thanks to the disaster that is Obamacare, your birth control is still free. Planned Parenthood is still open. Gay marriage is still legal. And the whole transgender bathroom issue  seems to have been settled. So I ask you, what rights are you missing? You can literally marry whoever you want, you can go to college, you can buy a house, you can drive a car, you can vote, you can chose whether or not you want to have children, etc. We are so lucky to have these rights, it amazes me that instead of being grateful, you want to complain about things that haven’t happened yet and may  never happen.

I know there are other topics such as sexual harassment and rape culture, which are very real and serious issues. However, I promise you that marching around in vagina hats is going to get you nowhere on these issues. These are issues that each city and state need to work on and that is where I would personally focus my energy and attention. Absolutely nothing will come from this march in terms of a change in legislation. And yes, I know that wage discrimination is also on the list of issues but if you do a bit of research outside of the liberal media, you will find that there has been extensive research done in this area and it has mostly been proven to be false for a variety of reasons.

I know people are concerned about how President Trump will run this country and so am I. He didn’t get my vote in the primaries, but he won the election and it is what it is. No amount of whining, yelling, marching or temper tantrums is going to undo a legal and fair election. I suggest that you take your time and energy and put it into the topics that you are so passionate about, in your own local community. If you are concerned about women’s rights, donate time or money to the YWCA or your local women’s shelter. If you are so worried about Planned Parenthood getting defunded, donate your time and money there. The President doesn’t dictate how you live your life, you make that decision on your own. If you want to change the country and the world, I suggest you start by changing your neighborhood and your community.

While the media extensively covered this march on Saturday, I will be interested to see how they cover March for Life on Friday. Yesterday was the anniversary of Roe vs.Wade, which of course was only mentioned in the media by pro-life organizations. March for Life actually has a real issue they are protesting and trying to overturn and they have been for the past 40 years.So I will be interested to see how the media reacts, or doesn’t react on Friday.

Disclaimer: I am all for HUMAN RIGHTS, which of course include women. I do believe that there are some issues like rape culture and pregnancy discrimination that need to be addressed. However, since in the United States we pretty much have the same rights as men, I am more concerned about women across the globe who are subjected to things like child marriage, sex trade, genital mutilation, extreme violence against women in Muslim countries, etc. These are the issues that we should be focused on, not marching about rights that you already have!


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