Book Review: What Falls From The Sky by Esther Emery

What Falls From The Sky: How I Disconnected from the Internet and Reconnected with the God who Made the Clouds by Esther Emery

Published December 13, 2016 by Zonvervan

Genres Non Fiction, Christian

Pages 240


The author, Esther Emery, was a successful playwright, as well as a theater director, along with a wife & mom, when a personal and professional crisis occurred in her life. She is left feeling empty, alone in her marriage and no longer sure about her identity. She decides to spend 1 year away from the internet in order to try to reset herself.

The book itself is divided into 4 sections; The Snow, The Rain, The Sun and The Fog. Each section is then also broken down into a few different chapters. The cover of this book is also quite beautiful. I found the book was easy to read and pretty fast paced, although it is quite a short book at only 240 pages. The author decides to “unplug” to try to reconnect and reset herself, but she also finds that she feels more awake spiritually during this journey and better able to connect to God and her faith. She discusses many things in this book beyond disconnecting from the internet such as marriage, family, love, church, faith and learning to love yourself.

I enjoyed the author’s writing style and the book is written in sort of a blog style that is very easy to read. She was very honest about why she decided to stay away from the internet for an entire year and to focus more on her life and faith. I thought it was an interesting book and certainly something that all of course could probably use in our lives. I personally work online, so this isn’t really an option for me, but I do find that on days when I set my phone and computer down all day, I don’t really miss them. Very interesting book about a subject that everyone in our culture can certainly relate to.

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy of this book.


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