Read & Play Baby Bible Review

Read & Play Baby Bible by Zonervan / Zonderkids

I know I have been reviewing quite a few books/Bibles on this blog lately. I do have a book only blog, which I do a great deal of blogging on, but I do not review Bibles or baby/children’s books on that blog. And I blog for several amazing Christian publishers who send me fantastic books and especially all these children’s Bibles! My nieces and nephews actually got very excited when I gifted some of the previous ones I have reviews to them.


So this Read & Play Baby Bible is aimed at children around the Preschool age, but I think you can most certainly use it for younger children. The front and back cover are both the soft, sort of puffed covers of books produced for toddlers. Inside, the Bible contains 22 stories and beautiful illustrations that make teaching young children the Bible easier and most interesting on their end. In addition to the Bible stories and illustrations, this baby Bible also includes activities on each page such as hand motions, sign language and singing. Like other previous children’s Bible’s I have reviewed, I believe this would also be great for use in  Sunday School or Children in Worship. Overall, it is a great baby Bible that I believe would be great for children about 2+ and has 22 well known Bible studies and beautiful illustrations.


The Read & Play Baby Bible will be released on December13, 2016. Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy of the book.


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