The Beginner’s Bible Review

The Beginner’s Bible, Holy Bible is still a children’s Bible but does contain the entire Bible. Last month I reviewed 2 other children’s Bible’s by the same publisher, which my niece absolutely loves and carries to church with her every week. Those Bible’s did not contain the entire Bible; one was specifically stories about Jesus and the other was the top 90 Bible stories. This Beginner’s Bible does contain the entire New International Reader’s Version of the Holy Bible, but also contains about 15-20 illustrations throughout the Bible.


I also found that the text isn’t as small as an adult Bible and the pages lean more towards normal book paper and less towards traditional Bible paper. In the back of the Bible, there is a glossary of terms and names used, as well as an index to look up specific Bible stories or topics.


This particular Bible is marketed to children between the age of 6-10. I think that is an appropriate age range, as it does contain the entire Bible, but also still has illustrations throughout. It would be good for a child who was just learning how to read and wanted to be able to read the Bible themselves. The cover also has vibrant illustrations and is also durable, which is also good for this age range. Overall, a great beginners Bible if you are looking for one that contains the entire Bible and not just particular stories. Thank you to the publisher for sending me a review copy.


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