The Beginner’s Bible: Stories About Jesus Review

The Beginners Bible: Stories About Jesus

Published February 3, 2015 by Zonderkidz

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I know I have been posting lots of books reviews lately, but there have been so many wonderful books and Bibles sent to me lately! This book, like The Beginner’s Bible I previously reviewed, it intended for children ages 4-8, but I think it could be used from about 2 or 2 1/2 years and older. This particular Beginner’s Bible contains a few important stories about Jesus, starting with Jesus’s birth.


I believe this Bible could be used for younger children because the illustrations take up the majority of the page and there are only a few sentences on each page. This is a good resource for teaching children about Jesus and his life. Like The Beginner’s Bible, I think this would also be a great resource for VBS programs, Children in Worship and Sunday School. The illustrations help children in understanding the stories being told to them. And the illustrations are wonderful in this Bible!


Overall, just like The Beginner’s Bible, I think this is an excellent resource for helping young children understand God and His teachings. I hope they continue to make more children’s Bibles in this style.


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