NIV Faith & Work Bible Review

NIV Faith& Work Bible

Published October 4, 2016 by Zonervan

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First I would like to thank the publisher for sending me a free copy of the NIV Faith & Work Bible for review. If you have read any of my previous posts or the “About” section of my blog, you will know that I also have a blog specifically devoted to book reviews. However, I tend to only post reviews of fiction on that blog and anything non-fiction or religious on this blog.

I really like this edition of the Bible; although the edition I received is a hardcover, it is also available in a leather cover. One of things I really liked are the introductions before each book begins. It gives the reader a brief overview of what the book contains. I am fairly familiar with only about half the books of the Bible, ones I have frequently read, so it is helpful for me to have the introduction for the books I have no read as often. Here are a few other features of this particular Bible that I found to be helpful:

-75 Deeper at Work stories deliver strength and encouragement from the real-life experiences of people facing the same daily challenges and opportunities you face

-45 Core Doctrine articles feature teachings from Christian leaders throughout the ages to help you learn the Biblical basis for integrating your faith and work

-A 31-day journey through the Biblical narrative helps you grasp Scripture’s overarching story line

-4 thought-provoking essays by David H. Kim, Richard Mouw, Nancy Ortberg, and Jon Tyson connect the gospel to your daily work life

Overall, I really like the setup of this Bible and found the additional essays and features to help while studying. Thank again to the publisher for sending my a copy of this Bible in exchange for an honest review.




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