NKJV Study Edition Bible Review

I often most book reviews on this site and I am lucky enough to have a variety of publishers who send me advanced reading copies of books or review copies to read and review on my blogs. Harper Collins & Thomas Nelson send me the new edition of the New King James Version Study Edition Bible. You can find this new edition here on Amazon.

I must admit, I have only one physical copy of the bible that was gifted to me when I graduated high school. I usually read the Bible on the Glo Bible App on my phone or the e-book version of the Bible on my Kindle. It’s convenient for me, as I always have it with me. However, I really love this edition of the Bible, it includes a bunch of cool and helpful things like maps, charts, word studies and outlines of each book of the Bible.

I find it helpful to have maps, charts and notes throughout the Bible, at least for me it makes it easier with some books of the Bible. Also, the cover of this Bible is wonderful! I have added several pictures below of the different maps and charts that I referenced above.








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